Marg Kronfeld – Effective Debriefing

Marg Kronfeld is a New Zealand businesswoman with more than three decades in management positions. Like many diverse professionals, Marg Kronfeld is often tasked with staff development and team leadership roles. Positions like these require effective handling of employees, and a large part of that is debriefing. If you need to improve your debriefing skills, consider including points like those below in your sessions:

What Worked?

Examine what worked well and what parts you would do again after each project or discussion. This will help you and your team identify positive factors so that you can focus on them in similar situations in the future. Allow team members to give their input on what they think worked and what they think should be repeated.

What Didn’t Work?

Talk about what aspects did not work well and what points you might have missed during a project. Look at choices that backfired, underestimations of required time or money, lessons learned and sources of confusion. Even if a project went well or a meeting did not have anything that you think “didn’t work,” cover the question briefly to give all team members a chance to give their input.

What Could We Do Differently?

Talking about what you could do differently in a similar future situation gives team members a chance to be heard. Ask this question only after discussing what didn’t work so that you can apply a full scope of the situation to considerations for future projects.

As you gain experience debriefing employees and handling general management, you will develop your own methods and styles. If you’d like some help in the early stages, consider contacting a professional like Marg Kronfeld in your area and asking for advice over coffee.


Marg Kronfeld – Useful Social Media Sites for Companies

Marg Kronfeld is a professional currently serving in the automotive industry of Auckland, New Zealand. She has been working as the Company Director of BK Enterprises since 2008, and she has established herself as vital part of the company’s daily operations. The company specializes in selling, financing, and servicing Hyundai, Isuzu, and Renault motor vehicle models. She has learned a lot about the industry through her position with BK Enterprises, and is committed to growing the success of her career in the field.

One of the many aspects of Marg Kronfeld’s career as a Company Director involves establishing an online presence through social media outlets for BK Enterprises. Social media websites can be a great way to widen the reach of your business, and it can help increase your customer or client base as well. There are a number of ways to utilize social media, and much of it depends on the websites in particular you want to use.

The first social media website that all businesses should use on the Internet is Facebook. Facebook isn’t just a personal site, it also allows companies and businesses to establish their own pages where they can share news, information, and get ideas from customers on a regular basis. It also allows them to get direct feedback from their customers on their experiences.

The next social media website you may want to consider is Twitter. Depending on what your business does, twitter can help you get information out to your clients more quickly. It can also allow you to be connected with other topics as well as users tag you in relatable fields.

Marg Kronfeld – Tips for Operating a Successful Business

Marg Kronfeld is a dedicated professional who truly cares about the success of her career. She is currently serving as the Company Director for BK Enterprises in Auckland, New Zealand, within the automotive industry. BK Enterprises specializes in servicing, financing, and selling Hyundai, Isuzu, and Renault motor vehicle models. As the Company Director, she is responsible for the daily operations of the company, which include developing a social media presence, health and safety regulations, staff development, and project management. She takes pride in her work, and continues to display a great deal of enthusiasm for the job.

Marg Kronfeld is essentially in charge of the interworking’s and operations of BK Enterprises. She has come to understand what it takes to operate a successful business in a competitive market place, and she can offer tips to new business owners or other company directors looking to enhance the success of their careers.

The first thing to remember when operating a business is to develop a solid business plan. As a new business owner, you will need investors to help you finance the early stages of your company. In order to prove that your business is a lucrative opportunity, you will need to be able to explain your business plan for both the short and long term.

The next thing to remember is budget planning. This is especially significant for young businesses who need as much money as they can to keep fueling the fire so to speak. When you start your business, you will be in debt; you need to pay it off as soon as you can so that you can start making money as a company.

Marg Kronfeld – Tips for the Professional Salesman

Marg Kronfeld is a committed professional currently living and working in Auckland, New Zealand. She migrated to the country in 1971 from the United Kingdom with the rest of her family. She spent her childhood growing up on the North Shore of Auckland. Now, she is the Company Director of BK Enterprises, which specializes in the sale, financing, and service of Hyundai, Isuzu, and Renault motor vehicles. She is responsible for the daily operations of the business, including the management of 36 staff.

Marg Kronfeld understands what it takes to be leader in the business world. She is committed to her career, and she’s learned a great deal about the automotive industry since started working for BK Enterprises in 2008. Selling is difficult task, and it takes experience in order to be successful in the field.

The first thing to keep in mind when you are working in the professional world of sales is to read the customer you’re serving. Selling something like a car takes an understanding of the client; you have to be able to know who your customer is in order to successfully make sale.

The next thing you want to do while working in the sales field is listen. You have to be able to find out a lot about who you’re serving in a short amount of time, which takes the ability to listen critically to their needs. If you’re selling car, consider their current living situation, whether or not they have kids, or what they do for a living.

Marg Kronfeld has learned a lot about selling cars from working at BK Enterprises, and watching the professionals at work.