Marg Kronfeld – How to be an Inspirational Leader

Marg Kronfeld is a New Zealand professional who has served as an inspirational leader in many of the positions in her decades of business experience. She presently leads the entire staff of more than thirty-five employees at BK Enterprises with great success. Professionals like Marg Kronfeld don’t always begin with natural leadership skills, though. They often spend time learning about steps like those below to improve their methods:

  • Think of the Future – Thinking of the future helps inspire teams by showing where each person can go from their current position. This means talking about, and planning for, internal promotion. By thinking of the future for each employee, you motivate them to work to their full potential, increasing their value to you and your team.
  • Use Examples – When you’re speaking of success and failure, give relatable examples so that you can be sure that everyone’s on the same page. If you use yourself as an example, it can be more motivating to a team because it shows that you’re human. For example, if you’re talking about how to avoid sales failure, discuss a time that you failed and how you could have avoided it.
  • Spread Inspirational Messages – Every message to team members, including things as basic as a group update, has the potential to inspire employees. Use your messages to their full potential and aim to make each one inspirational, even if it’s simply adding a positive quote to the end of an email.

If you’re tasked with a leadership position and you’re nervous about how well you’ll handle it, seek out a professional like Marg Kronfeld in your area. Explain your situation and ask for a mentorship-like meeting in a local coffee shop – you might be surprised how happy other professionals are to help.