Marg Kronfeld – Inspiring Employee Creativity

Marg Kronfeld, currently the company director of BK Enterprises, is a motivated management and directing professional. From more than three decades of professional experience, Marg Kronfeld has learned that inspiring employee creativity can vastly improve the quality of a team. If you’d like to do the same for a team that you’re leading, try strategies like those below:

Flexible Scheduling

Schedule flexibility allows employees to deviate slightly from the typical “nine to five” days, which helps them feel trusted and accommodated for. Schedule flexibility statically results in higher employee satisfaction, translating to better employee performance and creativity. In short, if you allow your employees to schedule outside of the box, they’re more likely to think outside of the box.

Allow Breaks

Allowing employee breaks increases job satisfaction and improves creative thinking. If you structure creative breaks in addition to general breaks, you might improve employee thinking even more. For example, some office places are using the adult coloring book craze as inspiration to schedule a weekly group coloring hour for interested employees.

Hear Ideas

Many companies are full of creative employees that don’t feel as though it’d be worth it to share their thoughts. To counter this, host regular meetings to check in with everyone and leave an idea box open at the end of the meeting. This allows employees to share their ideas without fear of embarrassment, making it more likely that they will contribute.

Professionals like Marg Kronfeld try many different tactics with their teams to find what works for their specific group of employees. If one approach doesn’t work, try new things until you find another that does.